Drive-Thru Covid-19 Testing

drive-thru covid-19 test in ellicott city, md

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According to July 2020 updates, the number of COVID-19 cases exceeds 10 million, around 50% of which are considered recovered. There are over 500.000 cases with lethal outcome. AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Dallas provides drive-thru tests for COVID-19.



2-Step Test for COVID-19

Before being tested, the patients should have a Video Visit with our doctor, which is necessary for defining and confirming the possible need for COVID-19 and/or other tests. If the necessity of the test is confirmed, patients get the drive-thru test in specially equipped testing sites, the locations of which are mentioned below. Drive-thru testing allows patients to get the test without leaving their cars. For each of the locations, only 1 drive-by time-window is available per day. The corresponding schedules for each testing site are also mentioned below.

Procedure of The COVID-19 Test

The procedure of drive-thru testing is aimed at finding any possible evidence of the COVID-19 virus in the patient’s organism. During the actual drive-thru testing at the testing sites, the doctor collects samples via the nasopharyngeal method, the results of which later are interpreted for further conclusions. During the whole procedure of sampling, the patient does not leave his/her vehicle. 

Price and Results

The results usually are interpreted and considered ready in 1-3 business days. 

The overall cost for telemedicine and the actual testing is $125 and is fully coverable by insurances that AllCare considers acceptable.